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The Carpathian Mountains - vacation spot in Ukraine

2023-08-25  The Carpathian Mountains - vacation spot in Ukraine

Currently, the tourism in Ukraine has almost stopped. But over time, when the situation relatively stabilized in some regions, people gradually began travelling again. At least in order to maintain their psychological health.

In 2022 the only category of Ukrainians who were interested in housing were internally displaced persons, as well as people from areas close to the front line. The main host region was the West of Ukraine.

This summer, for the first time, good numbers were noticed for booking housing for short periods.

One of the notable changes in the tourism industry in Ukraine has been a change in preferences for vacation spots. Earlier in summer, most tourists preferred a beach vacation, and a much smaller number of people chose a summer vacation in the mountains.


Most of the popular seaside resorts of the Azov and Black Seas have become generally inaccessible. And those that are available have become unsafe. This year the official opening of the beach season did not happen, although it was planned to open several beaches in the Odessa and Nikolaev regions.

But in general, instead of a beach vacation, people now choose to relax in the Carpathians. This mountainous region offers unique natural beauty, a variety of water features, a lot of outdoor activities and opportunities for eco-tourism. In addition, the local railway company regularly launches new trains to the Carpathian Mountains in response to the demand.

In addition, air-raid alarms are less frequent here and there are practically no explosions. This was the main reason for the majority of those who decided to go on vacation here. Getting a good night's sleep and getting rid of constant stress and anxiety at least for a while is one of the main reasons for going on vacation and rebooting in 2023.


Such a shift in preferences allowed the western regions of Ukraine to attract tourists even in such a difficult period. As of the beginning of August, the majority of rooms in the Carpathians are completely sold out until mid-September.



Women and children. New categories of tourists

The situation with military operation has caused a change in the audience of tourists. If earlier couples and families with men were the main domestic tourists, now women and children have become the main travelers.

Following the trend, the businessmen began to offer more convenient, safe and interesting options for women and children.

It may seem paradoxical, but the development of tourism during martial law is of great importance for the health of the nation and the economic well-being of the country.

It is important to understand that tourism not only brings income to the hotel business and local entrepreneurs in the regions, but also contributes to job creation, economic recovery and infrastructure.

Recreation during martial law allows people to escape from negative news, improve health and psychological resources, but also to support and develop the national economy.


Rehabilitation of military and refugees in the Carpathian Mountains.

The Carpathians, as a region with a characteristic natural and cultural heritage, provides exceptional opportunities for the rehabilitation of the military and refugees. Being surrounded by unique landscapes, engaging in eco-tourism and participating in an eco-therapy program allows you to overcome post-traumatic syndrome and return to a full life.

The nature of the Carpathians, with its favorable atmosphere and eco-therapeutic potential, becomes especially significant for the rehabilitation of people who have experienced traumatic events. Such programs offer not only physical recovery, but also help in restoring the psychological balance.

Doctors, psychologists, guides and other specialists work together to provide maximum support to program participants, helping them to overcome fears and internal conflicts.

The Ukrainian Carpathians in summer become a popular climatic resort - people go to relax surrounded by nature. During the summer heat, Ukrainians can combine such a holiday with swimming in a pond.

We will tell you about the popular lakes of the Carpathian region, where swimming is allowed.


"Bukovel Sea" with a two-kilometer beach.

This summer, the hotels of the Bukovel ski resort (the village of Polyanytsya, Ivano-Frankivsk region) have a large flow of tourists. One of the attractive aspects is the large artificial lake of Youth. The maximum depth is 8 m. The water temperature in the lake in summer is 22-23 degrees. Tourists have already called the lake "Bukovel sea" among the mountains. The 2 km long beach is equipped with sun loungers, changing rooms and entertainment areas: slides, catamarans, jet skis. There are lifeguards and a first-aid post. Entrance to the lake is free. For a chaise longue you need to pay 5-7 USD.


Solotvyno lakes - one of the seven wonders of Transcarpathia.

Salt lakes arose from old salt mines near Solotvyno in Transcarpathia. The salinity of the water is near the level of the Dead Sea. Researchers argue that Ukrainian lakes are even more healing in terms of some healing properties. Near Solotvino there are freshwater and iodized lakes.

There are about 90 recreation centers in the area, salt water from the lakes is supplied to the hotel pools. To attract more tourists, the local authorities have repaired most of the roads and upgraded the water supply systems.


On the border of the Lviv and Transcarpathian regions, there is another well-known swimming place - Lake Khashchovanskoye surrounded by picturesque hills (the village of Nizhniy Studeny, Transcarpathian region).

In summer, the water in this lake warms up well. Now the lake is called "Lake Vita" after the name of the resort nearby. Around the lake there is a sandy beach, there are places with barbecue facilities. You can stay in the surrounding estates. The property near the lake has swimming pools for guests. The entrance fee is 2 USD.


A few kilometers from the city of Berehove (famous for its thermal waters) is Lake Diyda on the site of a former sand pit.

On the shore there is a beach area, an area for tents, divided into zones. There are gazebos and barbecues. On the other side there are two rows of cottages for tourists, there is also a separate beach. The lake has a large selection of entertainment: from slides to catamarans and boats. There is a field for volleyball and soccer. Also near the beach there is a grocery store, a pizzeria.

Entrance to the lake is 5 USD for adults. Staying in the camping area is 10-40 USD.

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