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New Year 2024

2023-12-17  New Year 2024

New Year 2024

According to the eastern calendar, the symbol of 2024 is the Wooden Dragon. The patron of the New Year should come to us with prosperity and good luck. In Asian countries the Dragon is considered to be the most powerful sign.

The patron of the coming year also symbolizes energy and power.

According to the eastern calendar, the Year of the Dragon, begins on February 10, 2024 and ends on January 28, 2025.

As the element of the dragon is wood, it symbolizes physical and spiritual growth, so luck and success will accompany self-confident people who have clear and noble goals.

The green color, which predominates in the energy of the year, symbolizes renewal, rebirth, the beginning of a new life and interesting events.

But this creature is quite dangerous. Wooden can adapt to almost any, even the most unfavorable conditions. And the more difficulties we have the more strength will be given to us.

In 2024 you need to:

• pay attention to spiritual growth;

• reconsider your own priorities;

• make material things less important to you;

• change your lifestyle;

• don't be afraid of change.

How to celebrate New Year 2024

Since the Dragon does not like routine and everyday life, it is better to choose the most flamboyant and attractive outfit for this holiday.

You can also add interesting brooches, bracelets, beads, clthes with sequins or rhinestones. Since the dragon has a weakness for sparkling things, he will be especially favorable to those who respect the symbol of the year in such an outfit.

Lush, noisy, fun, in all the splendor of which you are capable. It is very useful to make great plans and help others with money or connections.


How to attract good luck in the new year?

Esotericists recommend following the following rules:

1. Get things in order. The wise lizard loves when everything is in order. Get a large folder for documents, put all contracts and receipts into compartments, throw out unnecessary junk from your home, hang a new calendar on the wall, clear out your desk, clear out the spice drawer in the kitchen - all this will help attract fresh positive energy into your home.

2. Spend energy and time helping your loved ones. The dragon is generous and demands the same from others. If there is an opportunity to help those in need or support friends, you need to do it.

3. Don’t borrow or pay back on time if you have already borrowed.

4. This is the year when you should never lie: this noble magical animal does not forgive lies.

5. The dragon favors those who keep order in business, pay taxes regularly, and do not accumulate any problems.

6. It is important in 2024 is to sign up for donations and regularly help those who need it.

7. You can allow yourself to shine. Wear massive designer jewelry, be active in negotiations and gala evenings, raise rates, tell jokes - in general, take an active life position so that the patron of the year recognizes you as one of his own and favors you.


What to Expect in the Year of the Green Wood Dragon

The dragon is a symbol of strength and power. It brings energy that can help us overcome obstacles. In 2024, you can start believing in yourself and get courage in achieving your goals. This can be a favorable time to take on new challenges and realize your ambitions. However, as in any year, we must remember that success and luck depend on our own work and efforts. The Green Wood Dragon can be supportive and inspiring, but realizing goals will require our active participation.

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