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Children from mixed marriages

2015-06-25  Children from mixed marriages
Children from mixed marriages
The so-called mixed (international) marriages were mostly prohibited for a long time. Now many countries have neutral attitude to international marriages, giving the freedom of choice to their citizens. Owing to the fact that people contract international marriages, many countries cooperate with each other. That also results in social collaboration between the nations and mutual interest in each other’s culture.
As a rule, children from mixed marriages have handsome appearance and are very intelligent. Mixed couples give birth to big and viable infants.
Such children have many advantages from the beginning: they can speak at least two languages, they are more tolerant to cultural differences, and their way of thinking is wider in comparison with other children.
If a child speaks two languages fluently, he/she has many advantages. Such person will feel comfortable in any environment; the cultures of both parents will be intimate to him. In addition, such children are mostly very open and sociable.
The ability to understand different cultures from early childhood will help the child to be more independent. If the parents speak different languages, it will probably create some problems in the upbringing. However, the result is worth it. If the parents cultivate respect to both cultures and speak two languages with their baby at the same time, they make a huge base for his/her future education and bring up a self-confident person who will cope with any difficulties.
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