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Russia's gene pool in danger?

2012-09-28  Russia's gene pool in danger?
Russian girls getting married to foreigners is very popular nowadays. It started in the middle of the 1990s. In the late nineties one could see the great number of Russian girls, who got married to foreigners. The number of females under 30 was about 60 %. The average age was 28 years old. According to the statistics for the last 12 years, the Department of Justice got more than 75 000 Russian ladies, who moved to the United States being the fiancées of the American citizens. More than half the ladies who move abroad are people with higher education.

According to the research, Russian women prefer Americans, French people, Germans and Italians. These men are also happy to marry Slavic ladies, as the latter possess good standard of culture, they are usually very beautiful, tolerant and hard-working. At the end of the 20th century there appear some special establishments that helped people to contract international marriages. A lot of people who owned marriage agencies became successful and rich.

More and more Russian females try to find foreign husbands in the internet. One of the Russian marriage counseling specialists mentioned that the majority of Russians just want to marry a foreigner, disregarding his financial status. The scientists have such impression that most women think they can be happy only abroad.

When the financial situation improved a bit, the selection criterion for foreign husbands also changed. In the first place, Russian females prefer well-to-do men. In the second place, they prefer nice family men, who can be good husbands. In such marriage women feel more secure and protected, they also appreciate stability.

Many Russian girls cherish hopes to marry rich men. They think that if they marry a foreigner they will be in paradise.

Experts consider that this idea is influenced by several factors. Firstly, there are a lot of social problems that are connected with poor economy and population. Secondly, there are national peculiarities concerning the cultural level and psychological aspects of the Western society.

After the World War II, Russia experienced population problems, especially when females moved abroad. Since 1991 there increased the number of suicides among men between 30 and 59. According to the results of the population census in 2002, women are 10 millions greater than men. The number of marriages decreases, the number of divorces increases, and it results in international marriages.

Analyzing the situation, one could see that it causes problems for the Russian population. The big outflow of young females could lead to the imbalance between the number of men and women, and could also provoke a “leak” of Russian genes and lessen the viability of the nation in general.
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